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The Security tab displays the users who have permissions on a le In this case, Achilles has explicit deny read access, which takes precedence over any allow permissions

The \ddd escape sequence provides a way to represent characters outside the printable ASCII character set For example:


A number of basic permissions are available for each user or group:

(This string contains \245two octal characters\307)

It also shows the results returned by the PHP library:

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Full control: Users can modify, add, move, and delete les and their associated properties and directories In addition, users can change permission settings for all les and subdirectories, including ownership Modify: Users can view and modify les and le properties, including deleting and adding les to a directory or le properties to a le Read and execute: Users can run executable les, including scripts Read: Users can view les and le properties Write: Users can write to a le

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Folders have an additional List Folder Contents permission that allows the objects names in the folder to be traversed One important item to remember is that a deny always takes precedence over an allow If a user is a member of a group that has permissions to read a le but is also a member of a group that has deny read permission, the user is able to read the le Apart from denies, permissions are cumulative If a user is a member of a group that has read permissions and of another group that has modify permissions, the user has both read and modify access Special permissions allow more complex combinations of access and control inherited permissions Inheritance means that permissions on a folder are automatically applied to any new object ( le or folder) created within Additional permissions beyond those inherited can be set on an object This brings an exception to the a deny always takes precedence over an allow rule Inherited permissions have a different order of precedence Permissions are checked in the following order and when a match for the user is found, the user is either granted or denied access: 1 2 3 4 An explicit deny An explicit allow An inherited deny An inherited allow

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The number ddd may consist of one, two, or three octal digits, with high-order over ow ignored It is required that three octal digits be used, with leading zeros as needed, if the next character of the string is also a digit For example, the literal

This order means that an explicit allow on a le would override a deny that was inherited For example, if a folder had deny set for a group and a le within the folder had explicit allow for the group, the members of that group would have access to the le

1: Called facebookfriendsareFriends, show Params | XML | SXML | PHP Array ( [0] => Array ( [uid1] => 698700806 [uid2] => 714497440 [are_friends] => 1 ) )

To access special permissions, click the Advanced button on the Security tab and then select the Effective Permissions tab of the Advanced Security Settings dialog Each permission on the object is displayed, along with whether the permission is explicitly de ned on the object or inherited from the parent (see Figure 5-12)



If the Edit button in the Advanced Security Settings dialog is selected, new permissions can be added and existing permissions can be modi ed and removed A larger number of options are available if you change permissions via this advanced view The advanced permission screen is shown in Figure 5-13 The additional advanced permissions are the following:

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