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Your job is to write solid code, however, and in my opinion, code coverage is about the only way you'll get it during the unit test phase Nothing is worse than having your QA staff sitting on their hands while they're stuck with builds that crash If you get 90 percent code coverage in the unit test, your QA people can spend their time testing your application on different platforms and ensuring that the interfaces between subsystems work QA's job is to test the product as a whole and to sign off on the quality as a whole Your job is to test a unit and to sign off on the quality of that unit When both sides do their jobs, the result is a high-quality product Granted, I don't expect developers to test on every Microsoft Win32 based operating system that customers might be using.

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If you want to decode an image containing a QR code click on the correct tab and upload your image, the result will be displayed afterwards. If you like QRgen ...

[dungeonArrayController addObject:[NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: result, @"createdObject", [NSDate date], @"timestamp", nil]];

id you know you can use AppleScript to control applications across the network or across the world This chapter discusses scripting remote Macs and remote applications.

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However, if engineers can get 90 percent coverage on at least one operating system, the team wins 66 percent of the battle for quality If you're not using one of the third-party code-coverage tools, you're cheating yourself on quality In addition to the code coverage, I frequently run third-party error detection and performance tools, as discussed in 1, on my unit test projects Those tools help me catch bugs much earlier in the development cycle so that I spend less time debugging overall However, of all the error detection and performance tools I own, I use the code coverage products many orders of magnitude more than anything else By the time I've gotten my code coverage numbers high enough, I've already solved nearly all the bugs and performance problems in the code.

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If you follow the recommendations presented in this section, you'll have some effective unit tests at the end of your development but the work doesn't stop there If you look at the code included with this book's sample files, you'll see a directory named Tests under the main source code directory for each tool That directory holds my unit tests for that tool I keep my unit tests as part of the code base so that others can find them easily In addition, when I make a change to the source code, I can easily test to see whether I broke anything I highly recommend that you check your tests into your version control system Finally, although most unit tests are self-explanatory, make sure that you document any key assumptions so that others don't waste their time wrestling with your tests.

@interface { IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet CocoaWGetController : NSObject <TaskWrapperController> id downloadController; id htmlFtpController; id limController; id retrievalController; NSTextView *theStatus; NSTextField *url; NSWindow *mainWindow; NSWindow *downloadWindow;

Summary This chapter presented the best proactive programming techniques you can use to debug during coding The best technique is to use assertions everywhere so that you gain control whenever a problem occurs The NET assertion code in BugslayerUtilNETDLL and the native SUPERASSERT code presented avoid all the problems associated with the assertions supplied by the Microsoft compilers In addition to assertions, proper tracing and comments can make maintaining and debugging your code much easier for you and others Finally, the most important quality gauges for engineers are unit tests If you can properly test your code before you check it in, you can eliminate many of the bugs and problems that frustrate maintenance engineers later The only way to unit test properly is to run a code-coverage tool while you're doing your tests.

The deadlock graph is the key to understanding and resolving deadlocks. The list of resources locked shows the state of events before the deadlock. The information provided about the process s state at the time of the deadlock, including locks requested and the process s input buffers, shows the cause of the deadlock clearly.

You need to strive to get at least 85 to 90 percent coverage on your code before you 135.

<div id="mySilverlightHost" style="height:100%;"> <object id="SilverlightPlugInID" data="data:application/x-silverlight-2," type="application/x-silverlight-2" width="100%" height="100%"> <param name="source" value="ClientBin/MySilverlightApp.xap" /> </object> </div>

In this exercise, you will expand on the project that you continued working on in the previous section. You will pass some additional data to the InnerView1.xaml file, retrieve that data using the NavigationContext object and then display the view content dependent on that data. 1. 2. Begin by opening the project Ch7_NavAppFromScratch you were working on in the previous section. Open the XAML for View1.xaml and modify the source to include a ComboBox under the Button.

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