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Understanding QR Codes - Diksha
You can use the 6-digit code under the QR code under the QR code for DIKSHA content or the 8-digit code for NCERT syllabus instead of scanning the QR code ...

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Scan a QR code with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
How to scan a QR code. Open the Camera app from the Home screen, Control Center, or Lock screen. Select the rear facing camera. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera app. Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.

Debugging the Dump Once you've got the symbols and binaries properly loaded, debugging the dump file is almost identical to live debugging. Obviously, some commands such as BU won't work on dump files, but most will, especially the extension commands. If you're having trouble with a command, make sure to look at the environment table in the documentation for the command and verify that you can use it with dump files. If you have a situation in which you created multiple dump files at the same time, you can also debug them side by side with the .OPENDUMP (Open Dump File) command. Once you open a dump file this way, you'll need to issue a G (Go) command so that WinDBG can get everything started. Finally, one command that's only available when debugging dump files is the .DUMPCAB (Create Dump File CAB) command. This will create a .CAB file from the current dump file. If you add the a parameter, all symbols will be written to the file.

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The program that produced figure 5.9 is short, so I ll present it as a whole:


The DAO pattern is very similar to the Gateway pattern, which makes it suitable for many other data sources such as LDAP or web services. If you are not familiar with the Gateway pattern, it is also sometimes referred to as a Wrapper, because that is what it does. It wraps an API to make it look like a simple object, as shown in figure 11.1, where the WebServiceGateway interface hides the underlying implementation. If you are thinking that sounds familiar, it should, because that is also the idea behind the DAO pattern, which is just a specialized gateway that also helps you manage transactions, pooling, and other database-specific issues.

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You will note that avg_val_view is an aggregate view of the table t2. The query then joins t1 to t2 on the column that is driving the aggregation. In this case, Oracle could use one of two possible mechanisms to produce the correct result set: instantiate the aggregate view and then join the view to table t1, or merge the view definition into the query and transform it. From a 9i system, here are the two possible execution plans:

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Integrating Core Data into your application is simple. It requires less code than SQLite and offers a much simpler interface. The sample application we ll look at in this section is a basic journal application. It will allow you to post entries and view them by date. To start using the Core Data API, be sure to add CoreData.framework to your project. The first thing you must do to integrate Core Data is add the data model to your project. The data model file is where you do all the creation of your Core Data database. To add it, choose File > New File. Then, select Data Model under Resource. Name it something appropriate to your application. In this example, name it CDJournal.Xcdatamodel, and click Finish. Now that you ve added the data model to your project, you must define your database entities. Click the Xcdatamodel to open the table editor. Now, follow these steps to add the table for the journal entries:

To connect using WiFi, activate WiFi on your MeeGo device, and make sure you re connected to the same network as your development workstation. Note the IP address in the wlan0 row of Mad Developer. To connect using USB, touch Edit on the USB row and confirm by touching Configure. Note the IP address in the usb0 row. You ll use Mad Developer any time you want to connect your device to the Qt Creator SDK. Later, in the section titled Compiling and Running Your Code on a Device, we show you how to complete the workstation half of the connection in the Nokia Qt SDK. Figure 3 3 shows Mad Developer in action.

That s fine, if all you want to do is display the data in the database. For a functional site, though, you probably want to be able to add new data, edit existing data, and even delete data. You can do all that just as easily as you did the SELECT statement, by asking your data source control to generate the remaining Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete statements (fondly known as CRUD statements), using a wizard to make your work easier. To see this in action, switch to Design view, click on the SqlDataSource s Smart Tag, and choose Configure Data Source. The Configure Data Source Wizard opens, displaying your current connection string. Click Next and the Configure Select Statement dialog box is displayed, as shown earlier in Figure 4-8.

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Generate and decode QR-codes online - Patrick Wied
QRgen is a web app for decoding and generating QR codes. It is possible to randomize the color of the QR codes.

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Scan QR, Barcode and DataMatrix code on photo online. Select an image witn QR, Barcode or Datamatrix code on your computer or phone and then click OK ...

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