Create and print UPC 12-Digit barcode images in .NET projects using Avapose Barcode Creator SDK
UPC-A Barcode Generator for .NET Applications
  • Create flexible UPC-A barcode images in .NET Applications
  • Easy to use Linear Barcode Creator component for .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • C#.NET, VB.NET, Managed C++ and Borland Delphi for .NET support
Barcode Library for UPC-A Generation in .NET Applications
  • Powerful barcode generator developed specially for .NET programming
  • Create high quality UPC-A barcode images using windows forms control
  • Compatible with SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports for .NET
  • Strong named and digitally signed DLL developed in managed C#
  • Include reliable formula for check digit calculation of UPC-A image
  • Capable to add possible supplement symbols to accompany UPC-A
  • Support the customization of barcode size, placement, color, and human-readable text
  • Completely compatible with the UPC-A barcode standards specified by GS1
UPC-A .NET Barcode Generator SDK is a GS1-compatible barcode component designed for .NET Winforms development. It could be used to draw graphic object on forms, or create barcode that may be saved to a file on a local PC.
UPC-A .NET Barcode Generator integrates with the following types of projects:
  • Console Application (runtime support)
  • Windows Forms Application (design-time and runtime support)
  • Class Library (runtime support)
  • Windows Service (runtime support)
Barcode Image Creating Library for .NET projects - UPC-A Information
UPC-A is the standard version of Universal Product Code (UPC) which is used for consumer products identification in US. It is the most common symbology in the United States because you can find it on consumer goods, books, magazines, and newspapers. A supplement symbol, also known as add-on symbol, sometimes may be used with UPC-A to provide supplementary information. UPC-A supports 2-digit and 5-digit supplement symbols.
.NET UPC-A Generator encodes:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 12 digits including the check digit
Barcode Drawing SDK for .NET Application - UPC-A Barcode Generation

System requirements of .NET Barcode Control for UPCA Creation

Before generating UPC-A in .NET, you need to install:
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • .NET 2.0, 3.0 or later version
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
  • Avapose.Barcode for .NET Winforms

Drag and Drop UPC-A image to .NET Forms projects using .NET Barcode Maker Component

  1. Create a new project in Visual Studio;
  2. Copy Avapose.linearbarcode.winforms.dll to your project folder; (You need not to copy .dll to .NET bin directory, because Visual Studio will do so)
  3. Add LinearWinControl to your Visual Studio Toolbox;
  4. Find Component LinearWinControl in the Toolbox, then drag and drop it to your forms;
  5. Activate the Property Window and change LinearBarcode to Upca;
  6. To fit possible requirements, customize the barcode image using related properties.

Create and print UPC-A barcode images in C#.NET and VB.NET using .NET Barcode Library

  1. Create a new project in Visual Studio;
  2. Add Avapose.linearbarcode.winforms.dll to the project reference;
  3. Copy the following sample code to the project for a quick barcode generation, you can make further customization using related properties:

C# code

using Avapose.linearbarcode
Linear Upca = new Linear();
Upca.LinearBarcode = LinearBarcode.Upca
Upca.BarcodeData = "01234567890";
Upca.BarcodeWidth = 175;
Upca.BarcodeHeight = 50;
Upca.ResizeBarcode = true;
Upca.DrawBarcodeImage("c:\\ upca.gif");

VB code

Dim Upca As Avapose.linearbarcode.Linear = New Avapose.linearbarcode.Linear()
Upca.LinearBarcode = Avapose.linearbarcode.LinearBarcode.Upca
Upca.BarcodeData = "01234567890"
Upca.BarcodeWidth = 175
Upca.BarcodeHeight = 50
Upca.ResizeBarcode = True
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We bought your product .NET Barcode Generator for Winform a few weeks ago, and it works pretty well!
Carlos Louis, Eureka Software Ltd, UK.