How to make a barcode reader in Java to decode Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code barcode
RM4SCC barcode reader in Java
  • Reliable RM4SCC barcodes recognition Java class library
  • Accurately detect and read RM4SCC barcodes in Java
  • Compatible with Java SE, Java EE and Java ME platforms
Java Royal Mail 4-State Barcode Reader
  • Automatically detect the barcodes position and read barcodes at any position and orientation
  • Uses in decoding RM4SCC barcodes from camera scanned images, automatically sorting scanned pages and decoding barcodes in separator pages in batch scanning tasks
  • Easily add advanced RM4SCC barcode reading functionality to Java applications in Swing, Applet, Java Bean and J2SE
  • Compatible with embedding RM4SCC barcode recognition features into Java Server Side Environment like JSP, Servlet, J2EE and Web Service
  • Complete jar files of RM4SCC barcode reading function are combined into the Java barcode reader package
  • Returns a string value for each decoded RM4SCC barcode images using the RM4SCC barcode reader Java class library
  • Detect RM4SCC barcodes automatically and decode RM4SCC barcodes accurately
  • Read RM4SCC barcodes from stream as well as image files like GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF files and Java AWT image objects
  • Detect the RM4SCC barcode objects and read them as fast as the system can process
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems by using this RM4SCC barcode reader for Java environment
The Avapose Java RM4SCC Barcode reader is 100% written in Java and support JDK 1.4.2 and higher. The RM4SCC barcode recognition library is the best Java barcodes reading component in the market.
The Java RM4SCC barcode image recognition component detects RM4SCC barcodes very fast and read RM4SCC barcodes accurately. It returns a string value for each decoded RM4SCC barcodes. With advanced RM4SCC barcode recognition algorithms detection, it is able to read RM4SCC barcode images at any position and orientation.
Add RM4SCC Barcode Recognition SDK to Java applications
It is really easy to scan and read RM4SCC barcodes in images by using the Avapose barcode recognition Java toolkit. The below steps is a brief guide to use the Java RM4SCC barcode reader SDK.
  1. Download the RM4SCC barcode reading Java component package from the following download link
  2. Unzip the Java barcode reader package and copy the barcode reader jar file to your Java project classpath
  3. Use the below sample code to tell the Java barcode reader class where the RM4SCC barcode image file is and the barcode type is Code 128

    String[] datas = File("C:/barcode.jpg"), BarcodeReader.RM4SCC);
  4. Pass the barcode image file and RM4SCC barcode type to the Java barcode reader, which will return the RM4SCC barcode data value
Avapose offers detailed User Guide for developers to use the RM4SCC Barcode recognition SDK in Java developmental environments to scan and read RM4SCC barcode image in Java projects. Please check out the
Java RM4SCC Barcode Image Reader Component - Download
Avapose provides free evaluation barcode image reader SDK for Java developers to recognize RM4SCC barcodes in Java applications.

Download Free Evaluation Version of Java RM4SCC Barcode Reader
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Testimonial on RM4SCC Barcode Reading SDK for Java
Avapose Java RM4SCC Barcode Reader Component is an extremely accurate and fast barcode reading engine
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