Generate and print EAN-8 barcode images from a string in ASP.NET in C#.
EAN8 Creator for ASP.NET Web Applications
  • Mature ASP.NET barcode SDK for Web forms and Services
  • Generate linear, postal and 2D barcodes in ASP.NET & IIS
  • Flexible barcode sizing & image options support
ASP.NET Barcode Generator for EAN8 Barcode Generation
  • Add EAN-8 encoding and drawing features to projects in ASP.NET
  • Generate quality graphic barcode images for web projects in ASP.NET
  • Compact and light weight Dotnet web control that is written completely in managed code
  • .NET Web Service and ASP.NET Web Site developments are supported
  • Create EAN-8 barcode images to web pages using Microsoft IIS
  • Automatically compute and add the mandatory checksum in each EAN-8
  • Support generating 2-digit and 5-digit add-on symbols
  • Free technical support, free update, and royalty-free license are provided
EAN-8 ASP.NET Barcode Generator is a .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) developed specially for ASP.NET development. It easily adds EAN-8 encoding and printing capabilities to your ASP.NET solutions so that EAN-8 barcode images could be generated on your web projects.
EAN-8 ASP.NET Barcode Generator integrates with the following types of projects:
  • .NET Web Service Project (runtime support)
  • ASP.NET Web Site (design-time and runtime support)
  • Console Application (runtime support)
  • Class Library (runtime support)
Barcode Web Server Component for ASP.NET - EAN-8 Specification
EAN-8 is the short version of EAN barcodes. It is the EAN equivalent of UPC-E in the sense that it provides smaller barcode for smaller packages. An EAN-8 barcode symbol is usually shorter that EAN-13, although longer that UPC-E. The EAN-8 barcode symbology is one of the GS1 barcodes besides EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, GS1-128, ITF-14, GS1 DataBar, and Data Matrix.
ASP.NET EAN-8 Generator encodes:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 8 digits including the check digit
ASP.NET Barcode Generator Control - EAN8 Barcode Generation


Before generating EAN-8 in ASP.NET, you need to install:
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • .NET 2.0, 3.0 or greater version
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 (Not necessary if barcode is generated using IIS only)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS)
  • Avapose.Barcode for ASP.NET

Add EAN-8 Barcode Generation Functionality to IIS for ASP.NET applications

  1. Create file Directory barcode in Internet Information Services (IIS);
  2. Browse Barcode folder in the package, and copy files linear.aspx and linear.aspx.cs to the project folder;
  3. Restart IIS, and navigate to http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/linear.aspx?BarcodeData=01234567&LinearBarcode=11;
  4. To add the created barcode images in html or aspx pages, simply insert the following image tag into your web pages: <img src= http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/linear.aspx?BarcodeData=01234567&LinearBarcode=11">.

Drag and drop EAN 8-Digit barcode image to web form application in ASP.NET

  1. Create a new project in your Visual Studio;
  2. Copy Avapose.linearbarcode.aspnet.dll to your project folder; (You need not to copy .dll to .NET bin directory, because Visual Studio will do so)
  3. Add LinearWebControl to your Visual Studio Toolbox;
  4. Browse Barcode folder in the package, and copy files linear.aspx and linear.aspx.cs to the project folder;
  5. Find Component LinearWebControl in the Toolbox, then drag and drop it to your forms;
  6. Activate the Property Window and change Barcode Type to Ean8;
  7. Customize the generated barcode accordingly.

Generate EAN-8 barcode in a image from a string in ASP.NET with C# and VB.NET

  1. Create a new project in you Visual Studio;
  2. Add Avapose.linearbarcode.aspnet.dll to the project reference;
  3. Browse Barcode folder in the package, and copy files linear.aspx and linear.aspx.cs to the project folder;
  4. Copy the following sample code to the project:

C# code

using Avapose.linearbarcode
Linear Ean8 = new Linear();
Ean8.LinearBarcode = LinearBarcode.Ean8
Ean8.BarcodeData = "01234567";
Ean8.BarcodeWidth = 175;
Ean8.BarcodeHeight = 50;
Ean8.ResizeBarcode = true;
Ean8.DrawBarcodeImage("c:\\ ean8.gif");

VB code

Dim Ean8 As Avapose.linearbarcode.Linear = New Avapose.linearbarcode.Linear()
Ean8.LinearBarcode = Avapose.linearbarcode.LinearBarcode.Ean8
Ean8.BarcodeData = "01234567"
Ean8.BarcodeWidth = 175
Ean8.BarcodeHeight = 50
Ean8.ResizeBarcode = True
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We bought your product ASP.NET Barcode Generator a few weeks ago, and it works pretty well!
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