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Java 2D Barcode Generator

For Generating, creating, drawing & printing 3 types of 2D barcode in various Java applications.

  • Generate linear barcodes on any operating system with a JVM.

  • Easily create high-quality linear barcodes images of AWT, JPEG, and GIF formats in Java, Java Class, J2EE applications.

  • JSP, Java Servlet and J2EE web projects are available for barcode generation.

  • Compatible with the latest ISO barcode Standard.

  • Available Java reporting service, such as Jasper Reports, iReport.

  • Royalty free after the purchase of a permanent license by Avapose.

  • Single jar program files are developed for each linear barcode symbology.

  • Compatible with JDK 4.0 and above.

Avapose Java barcode generator supports the following 2D barcode types:

Java Data Martrix

Data Martrix: a 2 dimensional barcode symbology, was designed by Siemens to encode a great number of information within a small space. It is made up of data regions with black and white modules and “cells” in a square or rectangular pattern and is widely used in the marking of small items such as integrated circuits and printed circuit boards.

Java Data Martrix barcode generation package allows orientation to be changed among 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Data Martrix may be easily created in Java applications, Java Class, J2EE web applications as well as in Java Reporting projects.

Java PDF-417

PDF-417: a 2 dimensional barcode symbology, based on the stacked linear barcodes. It was developed by Dr. Ynjiun P. Wang at Symbol Technologies in 1991 and belongs to Motorola today. PDF 417 is in the public domain and is widely used in various applications, such as transport, identification cards, and inventory management.

Java PDF-417 Generator package is a fully functional PDF-417 barcode creator. It may be easily integrated into the Java development environment. PDF-417barcode images can be generated in Java projects, Java class, and Java servlet.

Java QR Code

QR Code: a very popular, two-dimensional (2D) barcode symbology, was first developed by Deso Wave Corporation in 1994 for manufacturing, and quickly became popular because of its fast readability and large storage capacity. It is made up of a square area with a white background and black modules in it. Any type of data information can be encoded, such as characters, numbers and text. QR Code.

Java QR Code Creator includes the Java Applet, Servlet, and Class Library which can be implemented on any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine. It is easy to integrate this product into your Java IDEs.