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Developer Guide for Java Barcode generation Library

Java barcode generation package to generate 20+ linear & 2D barcodes in Java applications.

  • Easily create high-quality linear Codabar barcodes images of AWT, JPEG, and GIF formats in Java, Java Class, J2EE applications.

  • JSP, Java Servlet and J2EE web projects are available for Codabar barcode generation.

  • Compatible with the latest ISO barcode Standard.

  • Servlets, Applets, JavaBean and class library are provided in each Java Codabar generation package.

  • Royalty free with a permanent license by Avapose.

  • Single jar program packages are developed for each Codabar barcode symbology.

  • Compatible with JDK 4.0 and above

Java Barcode Generator - Overview

Avapose’s Java barcode generator library consists of jar files of each barcode symbology type in the java language application, which generates linear and 2 Dimensional barcodes in various Java development environments, such as J2SE, J2EE, and Jasper Reports, iReport and Eclipse BIRT.

Java Barcode Generator - Mature Components & Features

1. Barcode class library consists of all necessary jar files and are easily redistributed.

2. Applet allows easy integration of barcodes on Web pages with compatible Web browsers.

3. Servlet configured by Apache Tomcat, are compatible with all browsers and easy to embed in HTML as an image with the tag.

4. Encoder is easily used to convert java.awt images from barcode class to JPEG or GIF files.

5. Source code is available for the applet, servlet, encoder and examples, which is used with the purchase of Developer License.

Java Barcode Generator- Installation & Implementation

1. Download Java Barcode Generator Free Trial Version

2. Install Java and ensure available JAR files must be appended to the path environment.

3. Create new barcode object, select the barcode smybology to draw, and set the barcode data information, as below:
Code 11 barcode = new Code 11 ();

barcode.setData ("1234567");

barcode.drawBarcode ("C://barcode.gif");

4. Barcode.drawBarcode() method is used to generate the barcode on image file or drawing the barcode in the memory

More specific details on how to generate and draw barcodes in Java application.

1. Generate barcodes in Java class with the changing of barcode properties.
// Create Java barcode object

Code 11 barcode = new Code 11;

// Set barcode data text to encode

barcode.setData("Create Barcode in Java");

// Generate barcode & print into Graphics2D object

barcode.drawBarcode("Java Graphics2D object");

// Generate barcode & encode into GIF format

barcode.drawBarcode("C://barcode- Code 11.gif");

// Generate barcode & encode into JPEG format

barcode.drawBarcode("C://barcode- Code 11.jpg");

2. Generate & encode barcodes to EPS with changing the values concerned.
// Create Java barcode object

Code 11 barcode = new Code 11 ();

// Set barcode data text to encode

barcode.setData("Generate Barcode in EPS using Java");

// Generate barcode & encode into EPS format

barcode.drawBarcode2EPS("C://barcode- Code 11.eps");

3. Generate & encode barcodes in html or jsp pages.

1. Copy barcode folder and its contents from demo package to Apache Tomcat.

2. Start Apache Tomcat, go to http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/barcode?DATA=1234567&TYPE=CODE11

3. Insert an image tag (img) into your page. For example,

<imgsrc=“http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/barcode?DATA=1234567&TYPE=CODE11” />