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PLANET Barcode Generator in VB.NET

How to generate and print USPS Planet barcode in VB.NET applications

  • Create, draw and print PLANET barcodes in Visual Basic ASP.NET Web Forms and VB.NET Winforms applications

  • Generate PLANET in VB.NET class & console application, SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) & Crystal Reports for .NET projects

  • 100% run in Visual Basic.NET and compatible with .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 and advanced version

  • Easy to be integrate barcode generating component into Microsoft Visual Studio, and support VS 2005/2008/2010

  • Easy to be integrate barcode generating component into Microsoft Visual Studio, and support VS 2005/2008/2010

  • Rich barcode image option provided. Including image format, DPI, Angle

  • Automatically checksum digit for PLANET barcodes

  • Show human readable text with customizable Font, Color, and Margin Settings;

  • Mature barcode generating component DLL

VB.NET Barcode Generator for USPS Planet barcode generation - Overview

VB.NET PLANET generator is a powerful, professional VB.NET barcode generating component for making PLANET barcodes in your VB.NET applications, including Visual Basic ASP.NET Web Forms and VB.NET Winforms applications, Reporting Service & Crystal Reports document. Equipped with 50+ barcode setting on size, color, font, etc, you may set PLANET barcodes to suit your needs.

PLANET Information

  • Numeric-only linear barcode symbology with a fixed length of 12 digits or 14 digits

  • History: developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS)

  • Aka: Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique

  • Using Field: identify and track pieces of mail by USPS

  • Encode Charater set:

    • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Development Environment

  • Windows Forms Application (design-time and runtime support)

  • .NET Web Forms Web site (design-time and runtime support)

  • Console Application (runtime support)

  • .NET Web Service Project (runtime support)

  • Crystal Reports for .NET Application (runtime support)

  • Windows Service (runtime support)

  • Class Library (runtime support)

Generate and print USPS Planet using VB.NET barcode maker SDK

Generate PLANET in VB.NET class:

Dim barcode As Avapose.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode = New Avapose.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.BarCode

// PLANET encoding set

barcode.Symbology = Avapose.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Symbology.Planet

// PLANET valid character set, encode 11-digit or 13-digit length, excluding a checksum digit

barcode.Data = "5018501850185"

// PLANET basic settings, including sizing, color, etc

barcode.UOM = Avapose.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.UnitOfMeasure.Pixel

barcode.X = 1

barcode.Y = 60

barcode.BearerBarStyle = 0

barcode.BarcodeImageWidth = 175

barcode.BarcodeImageHeight = 50

barcode.Angle = Avapose.Barcode.Encoder.ClassLibrary.Angle.Degree0

barcode.AutoResize = True

// PLANET background & foreground color set

barcode.ForegroundColor = Color.Chocolate

// PLANET text releted seeting, including color, font, margin

barcode.ShowText = True

barcode.TextColor = Color.Gray

barcode.TextFont = New Drawing.Font("Arial", 10.0F, Drawing.FontStyle.Underline)

// PLANET barcode image format set



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