Easy to generate and insert barcode on Excel spreadsheet
Avapose.Barcode for Excel
  • Mature barcode generation add-in for MS-Excel 2007/2010
  • Support 20+ common linear and 2D barcodes creation
  • Provide freely adjustable barcode options
UPC-E Barcode Generation on Excel
  • Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and 2010
  • Compatible with commonly used OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, etc
  • Provide detailed tutorial for users easier installation and implementation
  • No extra hardware extensions are required for UPC-E printing with printers
  • Two or five supplement data can be encoded as a supplement barcode
  • No extra barcode fonts are necessary for UPC-E printing
  • Easy to link a created UPC-E to a certain cell with data on Excel
  • Flexible barcode sizing options allows any changes to UPC-E on Excel
UPC-E Add-In for Excel provides a complete solution for UPC-E barcode creation on Excel spreadsheet. Rich barcode creation options allow any changes to UPC-E from various aspects like size, graphic, placement, etc. Dynamic barcode creation capability is provided without installation of any special fonts, DLLs or plug-ins.
UPC-E Add-In for Excel - UPC-E Information
UPC-E, a shorten version of UPC-A symbology, was developed for the use of UPC barcodes on smaller packages where a full UPC-A barcode couldn't reasonably fit. It allows for a more compact barcode by eliminating "extra" zeros.
UPC-E Valid Encoding Characters:
  • Numeric digits : 0 - 9
UPC-E can encode only 6 digits without the last check character. In addition, 2 or 5 supplement data can be encoded as the supplement barcode.
UPC-E Add-In for Excel - UPC-E Generation


Before implementing UPC-E Add-In for Excel, please make sure the following installed in your PC:
  • Microsoft Office 2007 PIA
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • VSTO 3.0 Runtime SP1
  • Avapose.Barcode for Excel

Generate a Single UPC-E on Excel

  1. Start the target Excel spreadsheet and open Excel Barcode Add-In by clicking "Create Barcode" under "Add-Ins" tab;
  2. Select a certain cell of Excel and select a proper barcode type like "UPC-E+5" in the "barcode type" pull-down list;
  3. Input data in the "data" box, like "654321" and supplement data like "54321" in the "Supplement data";
  4. Adjust the parameters that are required like "Supplement bar space", "Supplement bar height", "Display barcode data", "Rotate", etc;
  5. Click "Generate" to insert the target UPC-E on the chosen cell of Excel.
If some customization is required for the generated UPC-E, please select it and adjust the related parameters in the setting panel. After that, click "Update". Alternatively, you can delete the barcode by clicking "Delete" button and generate a new one.

Create a List of UPC-E on Excel

  1. Open the Excel Barcode Add-In;
  2. Select a list of cells, choose "UPC-E" in the "barcode type" pull-down list and input the data to be encoded;
  3. Customize the parameters that you need like "Top margin", "Bar height", "Font", "Rotate", etc;
  4. Click "Generate" and a list of UPC-E barcodes float on Excel as required.

Link an UPC-E to a Certain Cell on Excel

A created EAN-13 barcode can be linked to a certain cell with data and can automatically update with the data of the linked cell after you do as below.
  1. Select the generated UPC-E and click "link to cell";
  2. Select the target cell with data;

  3. Click "Update" where "link to cell" button is located;
  4. The generated UPC-E is dynamically linked to the target cell.
  5. If the data of the linked cell changes, you can click "update link to cell" to automatically update the barcode image.
Testimonial for Avapose.Barcode for Excel
We bought your product Barcode Add-In for Excel a few weeks ago, and it works pretty well!
Carios Louis, Eureka Software Ltd, UK